AAAFx is an online CFD broker that offers a good choice of over 500+ instruments for trading online via some industry leading platforms, including MetaTrader and ActTrader. The minimum deposit requirement is just $10 whilst there is a free demo account if you want to get a feel for the broker before making that commitment. I think they can be worth exploring for anyone who is looking for self-directed investing or copying the signals of other traders.

aafx trading review

In addition, the fifth version allows hedging, there is an improved chart and more timeframes, exclusive first class indicators, MT5 Supreme Edition integration and much more. Also thanks to the built-in programming language traders can create their own indicators here. I was advised this company by one of the Forex brokers. Of course, at that moment I did not understand all the advantages of this broker because I was a beginner. I have several trading strategies that I use depending on the market situation. I also noticed that AAFX Trading provides services also in the USA.

After going through the video tutorials, my knowledge improved significantly, I supplemented my trading strategy, and I started trading in the plus. Now my results have exceeded all my best expectations, I am very glad that I am trading with AAFX broker. I think that in the modern Forex Brokers world of Forex and CFD trading, this broker may be one of the best. I say this becose I was impresed by the trading ofers that are available including interesting bonus systems, large leverag and the MT5 platform. Good management is when there are no questions or issues.

Review Breakdown

Because I’ve been trading at aafx for a couple of years now and I can say that I’ve never faced more thoughtful and at the same time advantageous working conditions for the client. That’s what I call a comprehensive approach and security. But there is one more thing that many people miss. This is why offshore registration is considered a drawback. This is a country or territory with special business conditions for foreign companies, usually with lower taxes and fees. Of course, I can say, “Oh, yeah, that’s bad, they don’t pay taxes”.

But I would still recommend to combine training from a broker with some additional courses to make training more effective. Support can be different, and when I write about support from a brokerage I mean its trading conditions, training and other stuff. The fact is that trading is a very tough business in which you have to spend a lot of time and effort to achieve something. And brokers with which I worked with before didn’t support its clients in this sense. ECN – variable spreads, which vary depending on how much you use for the trades. In my opinion, it is the best option for an experienced trader, who knows how to control the calculations and clearly assesses the situation.

This regulator is not as known globally as other regulators but has all the measures to safeguard users’ deposits. AAFX Trading operates globally and is among the few brokers that accept clients from the US. When a broker is regulated by a governing regulatory organization, the risk is lowered for traders.

How to open an account with AAFX Trading

In this review, we attempted to assess the broker objectively, to outline its advantages and disadvantages. At least, it is worth a shot, as you can start trading with AAFX with just $100. For this, you have to fund your account through an electronic wallet .

aafx trading review

ActTrader has been the front runner in the online trading industry since 2000, equipped with the best-in class technology. The platform focuses on simplicity, readability, and challenging the existing trading traditions with robust technology such that the user can vividly focus on the trading options. ActTrader has witnessed a multi-fold increase in the trading volume up to $5 trillion per month, substantiating the deep liquidity on the platform. To further secure a trading environment, AAAFx has implemented the Secured Socket Layer technology which encrypts all communications between the trader and AAAFx servers.

Trading Conditions

Both accounts are commission-free and their final difference is in the variability of spreads. I am sure that you need to switch to an ECN account when you are already good at trading and understand at what point the spread can expand to a large value. When you start out, I advise you to trade with fixed spreads. Moreover, if you’re fond of forex trading, then you will face fixed spreads, started from 2 pips.

This builds trust in the company and allows you not to worry about the conditions in which you will trade. I’m glad to find no false promises at AAFX site – broker promising everyone to get rich overnight is a definite NO. As long as they promise only something they can keep control of – I’m OK with AAFX promotions. And yes, media presence of the company is something rather interesting. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

  • From time to time, I manage to grab a couple of hundred bucks.
  • Especially since the aafx has an adequate amount of workout and you can withdraw slightly larger amounts.
  • And not all traders understand what the negative consequences can be.
  • That’s more than 10% of additional profit per month, which is a fairly good result for a professional trader.
  • They are famou by their leverage size so bevare with your risk management.

The list of financial instruments has everything possible, starting from traditional currency pairs, energies and metals, and finishing with ETFs and cryptos. Margin requirements are moderate, leverages allow applying any trading method, although they are getting lower with large account balances above 20K. Exactly, I don’t know why so many people believe that SEC is something good? Yes, the US is superpower with developed economy. It’s simply impossible for broker to provide good service and low spreads, when it’s obliged to pay 40% taxes and pay the license. I think that all people that think that offshore registration is bad should ask Americans, why they don’t trade themselves.

Interesting broker I suppose

The main advantage of a broker is the quick withdrawal of funds from a trading account. If you withdraw to an electronic wallet, there may be a slight delay. I have been using this broker for a while now and it has the tightest spreads.

If you get an offer from AAFX, we strongly advise you to decline it. Because of AAFX Trading’s illegal activities, some of the regulatory bodies issued warnings against this broker. For example, the regulatory body of Hong Kong SFC listed this broker as unregulated and fraudulent. They stated that the company does not have an office in their region and is scamming people from Asia. AAFX Trading is a broker owned by AAFXTrading Company LTD, based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Also, they stated on the website that they have an office in Hong Kong under the name AAFX Trading Capital, which SFC listed as unregulated.

To me, not everything in this article matches how it all really is. Yeah, the brokerage has a little problem with the registration, and it’s registered off-shore. But a lot of brokers don’t have any registration at all, and they work quite well. Yeah, it’s not cool that a broker registered whatever, but that doesn’t make it a scammer.

Richard has many years of experience in broker research, testing, analysis and reviews. He knows what to look for through years of trading himself with different brokers and listening to the feedback of others. You can make accurate assessments in blink of an eye by using the brokers Trading Calculators.